FRONTIER is a piece for three dancers, Kenzo Kusuda, Marika Meoli and Joost Vrouenraets. Theme of the work is courage and esthetic of.
This performance is about having the courage to fail spectecularly when the alternative is boring conformity and dull ideas. It’s about being inspired by errors, not regretting them. It’s about risking total humiliation to create something entirely unique. About rejecting the safe and expected in favour of the exciting and unknown. This performance is dedicated to the art of making mistakes and following the believe in one idea or design which will evolve by time and maintenance, until the goal is reached.

To not dare something to do, by conviction committing the action or the practice is called courage. Courage is the driving force which make us capable to cross borders, to break with existing frontiers, and maintaining our practice, activism or action. Failure, falldown, error, mistake or ‘non-success’ are minor on our path, but atually leads us towards beauty, victory or success. As an artist we should embrace failure, embrace the cracks in the ceramics, exhibit and perform inperfection; we should unite and fight for the beauty of failure, cause this is where we find humanity, this is where we find ourselves. Error and mistake that contribute to failure are actually early indications of success.