Rakesh Sukesh and Eddie Oroyan and the dancer Marika Meoli lead the viewers through the various cultural microworlds of Zurich.

Even the relatively small city of Zurich is divided into different areas; Sri Lankan Quarter, Jewish Quarter, Paradeplatz etc.

Refugees, Immigration, religions, social status, wealth and culture – all this creates separation.

In a time in which migration and globalization characterize daily life, find Sukesh, Oroyan and Meoli a humorous way to cross the borders.

The entire performance is about breaking the bounders between people, society, religions, genders.

There is always a interesting reflection behind of it.

People are actually questioning constantly if is good to do it or not?

And also, why the people likes to put unconsciously borders.
Why people don’t do want the want to do? or what they are thinking to do?

Maybe because it would be too risky or not?
And then is good or not to have limit?.

With this art piece the dancers-choreographers want basically to put upside down the situation, without breaking the bounders, but going also through the limits.

The process of creation is something unique for every people, is an experience of live in order to get to know more about yourself.
It is actually an exploration of yourself to lead the people in earth to a new acceptance of what it means to be human.